In Norway, bottle deposit return is big. It might have been a little bigger before since the value was better, but it still has good value - and it is for sure a good value for mother earth.

Some people think global warming is not made by humans, but with all the facts and research on this, I think there is no doubt that we are headed in the wrong direction. And it’s for sure that we are using up earth´s natural resources in a stupid way. Being an ambassador for Norwegian Infinitum Movement, I notice more than usual that bottles and cans ($$$$$$) and natural resources are thrown away all the time. In almost every thrash can I pass by, there are bottles or cans. Yes, we can easily say that we are rich and privileged here in Gnorway, but this is more about re-using our earth's resources in a good way. I got a lot of things I need to improve on, but «panting» (Norwegian for recycling bottles for deposit) is something I do since it’s SO EASY. We can return containers in every grocery store and gas station. If you can’t «pant» (deposit), recycle that shit. «Panting» is important for all of us. I want to keep shredding POW POW.

… So please …


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