Hooking up with the Field Productions crew once again, Terje's been exploring the farthest reaches of Norway alongside the powder fields of Japan with fellow Norse compatriot Fredrik Evensen. With one film already under their belts, the guys behind Supervention II were keen to ratchet up the level from an already seminal first film that mixed action with documentary style snippets of the snow scene in Norway...

The big mountain sections are blended with the exploits in the street; as well as a breakout part with Marcus Kleveland in Glomfjord alongside Alek Østreng. Whilst much will be said about Marcus’ quadruple dipping exploits, personally I was more impressed with his flat-spinning wizardry. I don’t want to spoil it, but barely mentioned, at the end of his part, just count the rotations on the last hit. Blink, and you’ll miss it. That’s the real beauty of it.

The real focal points of the movie however are the big mountain missions in Lofoten. With Mr Evensen having relocated northwards, it was only fitting to pay him and his half-built home a visit whilst on an alpine line hunt in Lofoten. With helicopters near impossible to secure for any trips, it was time for Terje and Fredrik to strap on their splits, and get a hike on to the top. 

The wide angled aerial shots don’t do the pitch of the lines justice. It’s only as the shots switch to the POV angles that you really get an appreciation for the sheer steepness of the Lyngen Alps and the sweeping sea below. 

It wouldn't be Terje without rendering the rest of us mere humans human. He steps up to some powder field snow skating in Japan that not only makes it look like his feet are glued to the binding-less board, but will probably make you blush when you consider most of us couldn't do that with bindings. 

If you haven't managed to get a watch of the film yet, it's now available on iTunes in North America, and in Europe as of January 2017. Hit this link http://geni.us/Supervention2 to catch the film, or head over to their Facebook page to see more from the film