Terje's been crushing it on a multitude of boards since he first planted his feet onto a snowboard a few decades ago. He's a now familiar sight at Oslo's local hill Tryvann, Oslo Vinterpark, both cruising and crushing the features dotted across the hillside on his snowskate. 

Now, after more than a few years dabbling with the bindingless board, he's brought his skills to your screen in an edit from a variety of different shoots, locations, and years. 

Even Mr Mark McMorris gets in on the action, blending the schools of thought from both snowboarding and skateboarding together into one holy matrimony. 

Why? Well, when you're so acquainted with your snowboard, sometimes it can take the fun away ...

What I like about snowskating is that it makes small hills big again. My local hill, here in Oslo, it’s almost like Chamonix when I snowskate. The small park is fun again, but it’s still big because you’re on the snowskate.” - Terje