It’s not always easy to make an event, but I got a good feeling from this little “pipe” comp we had for this year’s Arctic Challenge here at Oslo Winter Park. Nothing new, but we tried out a few things with having us, the riders, make most of the calls for format and judging criteria, and we chose to have a jam-style format with some weight on a few criterias over the standard of best-of-three runs. With so many contests having the same format that is scored on one run, you can pretty much predict who is going to win. With skating and surfing you have different waves and different parks, and people have to adapt to those; I think that makes it more fun to be a rider, and I would think it’s better for spectators too. I hope we can see stuff like this on the World Tour next season. It’s really in the rider’s hands, if they really want it. 

Check out the wrap up video clip from Snowboarder Mag.

Thanks to Oslo and the riders, congrats to our winners!

Riders that rode the Arctic session.
Jake Pates
Benji Farrow
Gabe Ferguson
Olivier Gittler
Iouri Podladtchikov
Markus Keller
Ben Ferguson
Danny Davis
Arthur Longo
Scott Blum
Ken Callister
Fredrik Austbø

1st: Danny Davis
2nd: Iouri Podladtchikov
3rd: Kent Callister

Best trick: Markus Keller

Photo credit: Tomasz Majewski ©